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Yacht surveyor in Croatia


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Maritimus Consultant is leader in yacht import in Croatia with 5% VAT and custoom dues 1.7%


             - Surveys and marine consulting 24/7-

Croatian VAT for yachs 5%

Maritimus Consultant is yacht importer in Croatia

If your yacht on 01.07.2013 was older than 8 years can be imported in Croatia with 0-1.7% custom tax and 0% VAT.  Maritimus Consultant is offering                          One stop shop”               service for yacht import and registration. We do all work for you.

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SUS za drvene i plastične putničke brodove

SUS za drvene i plasticne putnicke brodove HRB Hrvatski registar Brodova

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Eintragung von bote auf Kroatischen flagge mit nur 5 % MwST !

5 % Nachversteuerung HR

Sea Help HR 5 % MwST